Abbotsford middle school child beaten in second assault in a week

Transgender girl attacked
RCMP are now investigating two separate attacks linked to Mission-area schools in the same week.

Canadians were horrified to learn about a 14-year-old transgender girl who was kicked and punched while classmates recorded and cheered. That assault happened on January 11 at Ecole Heritage Park Middle School in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

RCMP are now investigating two separate attacks linked to Mission-area schools in the same week.

Cpl. Jason Raaflaub says the second incident happened on Jan. 13 on the grounds of Mission Secondary School.

He says a 15-year-old girl and her mother contacted police after the teen was allegedly assaulted.

That attack like the first one was caught on video and shared across social media.

“The video shows a female standing over top of another female lying face up on the ground and the other female is seen punching and kicking the one on the ground,” Raaflaub said.

A 14-year-old girl was arrested Jan. 15 in connection with that incident. Raaflaub says the video is part of the submission being made to Abbotsford Crown counsel for a charge of assault.

The 14-year-old has been released but is not allowed to contact the victim or go to Mission Secondary School.

The first attack on January 11 shocked the nation.

literally, no one could believe this happened in Canada a friend said, adding that she was used to seeing this happen in the US.

This was the second assault that occurred at Ecole Heritage Park Middle School that week.

After the child was picked up from the school, the family had to relive the event when they looked online. Students had filmed the attack and posted the video to social media, reports the Surrey Leader

Watching the two students punching and kicking her daughter on the ground while other students laugh and jeer in the background was “heartbreaking,” the mother said.

“Kick her in the head!” one onlooker yells in the video. Another laughs and said he’d cut off their head for $5. Only one student can be heard in defense of the victim in the background.

The victim identifies as transgender, and the mother believes this is the reason for the attack. The family went to the Mission RCMP detachment the following Tuesday to report the assault.

According to the Daily Hive Mission RCMP Cpl. Jason Raaflaub, police first became aware of the incident at Ecole Heritage Park Middle School after the 14-year-old victim and her parent came to the detachment this past Monday to report what had happened.

“Investigators began an investigation based on the information that was provided, inclusive of a social media video clip,” Raaflaub told Daily Hive. “As a result of this investigation, two young females, approximately 14-years-old as well, were arrested without incident.”

Raaflaub said the pair was subsequently released with pending court appearances in the Abbotsford Court House for late March 2021.

“The Mission RCMP are recommending criminal charges of Assault for one of the females and Assault along with Uttering Threats for the other,” he said.

My sincere apologies for not writing about this sooner. The victims of this violence deserve to know we see them and we care.

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