A young trans woman dies of hypothermia alone on a bench

Maya Borg
Rest in Power Maya Borg
Maya Borg
Maya Borg

Her name was Maya Borg, 30, born September 24, 1990, in Lille, France, she died November 18, 2020 in Tournai, Belgium.

Maya was a homeless trans woman, wrote to SOS Transphobie who died alone in Tournai on a bench of hypothermia on Wednesday, November 18.

When no one claimed the body, her friends raised money so she could have a dignified ceremony.

We really need to help these people out, with the covid crisis, they are dying so young, need to create emergency housing.

“This is the tribute to Maya that we held this afternoon,” SOS Transphobie wrote.”The sound is not good but it was beautiful.

“MAYA was full of life, a fighter who lived authentically in her life, lonely and sympathetic, pleasant, she does not deserve to end like this.”

“A young girl full of joy, always ready to be of service to all despite her problems, she was struggling to get out and she was almost there.”

MAYA had a dignified ceremony thanks to you. if you want to continue helping to avoid a tragedy, you can do so with Braséro, which supports the homeless.

Braséro – Abri de Jour posted on their Facebook page about how much the loss of her life affected everyone.

Brasero has been mourning for several days. One of our young recipients who were struggling to stabilize her situation died alone in the street of hypothermia. Our community (recipients and professionals) is deeply saddened to lose a person who was on the side of life. She will have taught us the power of the bond we can build in the accompanying work.
We hesitated to put this post up because we do not want to recover this event to talk about us or spread about this person’s life. But we can’t ignore that in 2020 in Belgium, Tournai, insecurity is present and yes, it can lead to death by hypothermia when we have not reached winter temperatures. This person like the other people who died on the streets deserves to be paid homage because they matter and we can’t ignore them.

Braséro is a day shelter located at Rue Saint-Brice 22 7500 Tournai, Belgium. It is open 7 days a week from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

It is a place where you can come to rest, feel safe, have a chat … The team is there to talk if you wish, initiate procedures with you (medical and administrative), or put you in contact with a service more suited to your request.

You can also just come and have a good time playing a board game, reading the newspaper, or surfing the web. And if you don’t want to do ANYTHING, it’s possible too!

Maya Borg died alone, but she will live forever in our hearts thanks to SOS Transphobie we #SayHerName Maya Borg

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