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A viral lie by the Christian Post puts thousands of children at risk

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The Christian Post and other anti-LGBT publications are intentionally lying in a viral article about hormone blockers placing thousands of transgender children in harm’s way.

“Drugs used as puberty blockers in youth linked to thousands of adult deaths, FDA shows”


NBC reports that the story went viral on right-wing news websites such as the Christian Post, the Daily Wire, and Lifesite News.

According to CrowdTangle, a social media metrics platform, these posts — including shares by Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro and commentator Matt Walsh — are currently some of the top-performing LGBTQ-related content on Facebook, Twitter and the Reddit page ‘Gender Critical’.

The problem is: the “thousands” of people who die while taking these drugs are likely the terminally ill cancer patients who receive hormone blockers to fight hormone-sensitive cancers, like prostate cancer, according to experts.

Joshua Safer, a professor of medicine and the executive director of the Mt. Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, said Lupron, or leoprolide acetate, is used for treating precocious puberty, infertility and certain types of cancer, particularly prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is worsened by the presence of certain hormones, so people fighting this disease are sometimes given hormone blockers — puberty blockers — to slow the cancer’s progression.

“I think all they did is went into the FDA database and looked at reports,” Safer said. “There’s no study here, that’s just a big smorgasbord of reports and so the problem with that is you don’t even know that those deaths are connected to the agent they are reported to be connected to.”

Much more likely, Safer said, is that the 6,370 deaths over four decades the FDA lists as connected to this drug are in terminally ill cancer patients who are prescribed Lupron as a palliative, not curative, treatment.

“They wouldn’t even be using it if they weren’t at risk of death,” Safer said of the drug’s use in prostate cancer patients.

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