A trans student takes her life after being Humiliated by her HS Principal

A Simple Denim Skirt

Fouad, a trans student from Lille France took her life on December 15, 2020, after being kicked out of class for wearing a denim skirt. In a video, filmed by Fouad herself, we hear a woman, identified by the students as the CPE (Principal Education Advisor) at Fénélon high school, berate her. The exchange is tense.

“But I understand your desire to be yourself, I understand that very well! And all this is done to accompany you as best as possible, that’s what you don’t understand! Because once again he there are sensitivities that are not the same. ” Fouad, in tears, defends herself: “But it is they who must not be educated!” “I agree.” replies the adult. “I don’t see where the problem really is. I would never understand” concludes the young girl. The video has a photo where Fouad is wearing a simple denim skirt, with the caption “I was dressed like this.”

On December 2, Fouad, a trans student, was sent home because she was wearing a skirt. The school administration came to pick her up in class, humiliating her in front of everyone. She was taken to the CPE office where she was psychologically assaulted. It was made clear to her that she was not a “real woman” and that she could not wear a skirt. She was sent home.

Students say staff at Fénélon high school knew she was transgender. But they were afraid of how the public would perceive them if Fouad was allowed to transition.

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Fouad lived in a foster home because her parents kicked her out when she announced her transition,
She was completely accepted and felt good in her foster home.

On December 3, students from Fénélon high school put up posters in their high school to denounce this transphobic exclusion. The posters were removed the same day by the management.

On December 5, almost all of the students came in skirts to show her that they were completely supportive.

“I received this message from another student at Lycée Fénelon who contradicts what I said. I still have my doubts, but I share them to compare visions of the event,” wrote her friend.


Just over the border in Belgium, on Dec 10, a homeless trans woman from Lille France died of hypothermia on a bench There have been 9 trans murders and suicides in all of France and Belgium since TDoR record-keeping began in 2002. Now there have been four more just this year.

Update Friday 12/18/20: LILLE, France (AP) — About 100 teenagers have rallied in northern France to pay homage to a transgender student who killed herself this week after facing tensions with school officials around her gender identity. The case has drawn indignation on social media. The students held a sit-in and a moment of silence outside the entrance to the Fenelon High School in Lille as school started Friday. Fellow students said their classmate had recently decided to go public about her female identity and was summoned to speak with a school official after wearing a skirt to class. The protesters urged tolerance.

UPDATE 12/19: Hundreds attend vigils for Luna Avril Fouad, victim of Transphobia

“Transphobia kills and it took away a friend of mine today. Fouad I’m so sorry for everything they did to you. I fought by your side and I will continue to fight for you. You were a great person I’m glad I got to know you,” a friend of hers said on Twitter.

There is a call out to find out why she ended her life so that there may be #JusticeForFouad


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Management will not comment on this. The Rectorate reacted Thursday evening, in a statement where she gendered Fouad in the masculine.

“Valérie Cabuil, rector of the Lille academy, learned with great sadness that a final year student from the Lycée Fénelon in Lille ended his life in his foster home on Wednesday, December 15.” She explains that the establishment was aware of the adolescent’s trans identity and that Fouad “was supported in his process by the educational team from his home and his school.”

R.I.P. Fouad

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