A Thousand Queers Chapel Hill Protest of HB2 Shuts City Down

Chapel Hill Protest of HB2
Trans and queer POC led the protest down the street

Chapel Hill Protest of  HB2

Chapel Hill police moved in to block traffic Tuesday as the crowd filled the center of town. Wisely, they had been instructed to let the protesters go without hassle or arrest.

With confident defiant chants of “We will Win” our community took the streets shutting down downtown at the intersection of Franklin and Columbia streets. Rosemary Street, one block over, quickly became a parking lot.

Chapel Hill’s Town Council joined calls Monday for state lawmakers to repeal the law, and Carrboro’s Board of Aldermen approved a resolution Saturday asking for HB2 to be repealed, local municipalities to seek legal action and businesses and governments to provide gender-neutral restrooms.

chapel hill protest HB2 2
Gov. Pat McCrory bet that no one cared about queer lives. You lose McCrory. Black Trans Lives Matter . We are the collective.

While the university has not taken a formal position, News Observer reports, a group of 50 professors at UNC-Chapel Hill signed a statement this week blasting the law.

One protester said through tears of gratitude that she planned on staying an hour, but remained late arm in arm blocking the intersection until the last moment.

Protestors shut down the intersection of Franklin and Columbia Streets from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The action was organized by LGBT people of color and gave preference to trans people of color affected by House Bill 2.

Shot for The Daily Tar Heel.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Let North Carolina be our Edmund Pettus Bridge turning point that marks the birth of the Trans Liberation and Equality Movement

  2. All we ask for is life, liberty and the ability to pursue happiness without the fear of being assaulted. I am trans and I stand proud with the LGBTQI community of North Carolina.


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