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A deal with the devil on discrimination Sunday advances the Texas Bathroom Bill

Deal with the devil
With Dan Patrick looking on Gov. Abbott signs a bill protecting sermons from subpoenas Sunday as the House simultaneously passes a transgender bathroom bill. Story and photo Texas Tribune

Looks like Dan Patrick will change the Bathroom bill amendment that the Texas House attached to a school bill on Sunday in what local papers are calling a ‘deal with the devil’ on ‘Discrimination Sunday’.

House speaker Joe Straus opposes bathroom bills calling it a manufactured problem allowed a bathroom bill amendment vote on a school safety bill Sunday.

Straus did this hoping to placate Patrick in what Texas teachers association has called a ‘war on children’ inhopes of keeping businesses from fleeing Texas.

“I believe this amendment will allow us to avoid the severely negative impact of Senate Bill 6,” Straus wrote in a statement Sunday night. The bill “allow schools to continue to handle sensitive issues as they have been handling them,” he said.

The House amendment would target transgender children omitting other state buildings and the rest of the transgender population in hopes of avoiding the monetary fallout from a wider law.

This wasn’t good enough for Dan Patrick who controls the Texas Senate who indicated he would change the wording and send it back to the house. The Texas legislature regular session ends on May 31st making it nearly impossible for the House to take up the bill, even if Joe Straus wanted to.

Patrick said he had concerns about the “ambiguous language” the House approved as an amendment Sunday to address bathroom use by transgender Texans in public schools because it “doesn’t appear to do much.” The measure the House approved would require schools to provide single-stall restrooms, locker rooms and changing facilities to students who don’t want to use facilities designated by “biological sex.”

“Now it’s really time for the Senate to take care of the many House priorities that they know they’ve been sitting on,” Straus said in a statement Monday evening. “We’ll just have to see what happens.”

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Very appropriate title to this article.
    I totally believe at this point of following this story for months, that Dan Psttick is just plain mentally ill. His illness? Sociopathy.
    He has been quoted saying he wishes transgender would all drop dead and go to hell. He has been saying, as all republicans have been saying that this is a saftey issue when there is zero evidence to back up such a claim. No Dan Patrick isnt satisfied with the wording Joe Strauss came up with, because it isnt good enough for his sociopathic mindset. Dan patrick needs to be fired/ impeached and take time to get his head examined.


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