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A call for help: College Professor harassing transgender woman online

Apparently, without rhyme or reason, a college professor from Louisiana targeted a transgender woman Monday for non-stop harassment on both Facebook and Twitter. Even after being warned of legal and professional consequences James Blain, Adjunct professor at Sowela Technical Community College continued to attack transgender woman Danielle Muscato.

James Blain

Monday morning James Blain, an Adjunct professor at Sowela Technical Community College began the harassment of transgender woman Danielle Muscato on Twitter. Despite repeated requests to cease and desist Blain continued his attack. Citing anti-trans activist Jordan Petersen and fascist Ben Shapiro Youtube videos as proof of his contentions Blain continued to demand that Ms. Muscato acknowledge that she was, in fact, a man.

Muscato apologized on Facebook after he as was informed that his college would be notified. But his remorse was only for being held professionally accountable as he continued to publicly defame Ms. Muscato.


EEO/Title IX Officer:
Title: Dr. Fitzpatrick U. Anyanwu, Executive Director of
Planning & Analysis for Strategic Effectiveness
Address: 3820 Sen. J. Bennett Johnston Ave, Lake Charles, LA 70615
Phone: (337) 421-6905 or (800) 256-0483 ext. 6905

Sowela Technical Community College did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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