7th Istanbul Transpride attacked by police in collusion with Islamists

7th Istanbul Pride Attacked
7th Istanbul Pride Attacked
Istanbul police attacked the media who were at the 7th Transpride March. One reporter and 11 marchers were reportedly detained.

The 7t Istanbul TransPride attacked. The March which was banned by the mayor was attacked by skinheads and Muslim extremists as police arrested reporters.

Attaque de la police sur la Fierté Trans.

Trans advocates say that the Government did this collusion with extremists. The Istanbul mayor said he banned the Transpride march and next weeks LGBT pride parade because he feared for the safety of the marchers and the extremists.

“Dozens of people without attacked me and my friends yelling Allah Akbar”. said one trans Pride marcher. “So We took refuge in an optical shop but he kicked us out saying “These are very expensive items.”

“Then we went (out) and the same group attacked again in the street in front of the store. As this all taking place the police who were supposed to protect us yelled ‘Go away’ faggots’ he said. “

Eleven people were reportedly detained in the police attack, was taken to the Istanbul Security Directorate.

We are publishing the Trans Pride March press statement by Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association as translated by LGBT News Turkey which could not be publicly read due to police intervention.

18:36 # attacks continued in the streets than in transonuryürüyüşü police took four people into custody.

The press release of the 7th Trans Pride March is as follows:

The 7th Trans Pride March that we have organized has begun in sadness and anger in the wake of the Orlando massacre. The discussions that began before we had even mourned the Orlando massacre exhibit the magnitude of the hate culture that is created in society. The calls to massacre by the jihadists and Salafist groups in the media and on social media complemented the decision of the Governor’s Office to forbid the march and exposed the coalition amongst these groups. State officials who did not initiate processes of persecution supported these massacring groups who made calls for [a] massacre and bans with threatening statements and targeted people who wanted to exercise their constitutional rights to join the march.

We Know of this collaboration from Sivas, from Maraş!

We know of this collaboration from Suruç, from Amed [Diyarbakır], from Ankara!

We know of this collaboration from Trans murders and the selfies taken with murderers!

The Trans Pride March, organized 6 years in a row without any problems posed to public order, was terrorized by both the state and the puritanical groups, targeting our friends who participated in the organization of this week. The hateful culture created in society provided the basis for the attacks and, through the media, LGBTIs were turned into open targets.

We declare here once again! The parties responsible for all the attacks that will occur due to this hate culture are Istanbul Mayor Vasıp Şahin, Istanbul Police Chief Mustafa Çalışkan, Minister of Interior Efkan Ala and the AKP government, who disregard and encourage this.

This argument that began with the excuse of disrespect for the month of Ramadan shows us where those who are not Turkish, Muslim, Sunni, and male will stand in this nonsensical New Turkey. This sensibility that imposes their own norm on the totality of society and target those who do not abide by this norm will bring nothing but a massacre for the Kurds, Alevis, Armenians, Greeks, Roma, LGBTIs, women, laborers and workers.

While every critical opinion about the President expressed on Twitter draws house raids, arrests, and detention, open calls to attack are disregarded and the complaints of rights defenders remain unprocessed. None of us are safe in a country where jihadist terrorist groups move freely, where borders are opened from one end to the other, where militants are treated in hospitals and sent back to the war zone.

Within this reality, the situation of trans society is in an even worse state. Trans individuals who cannot camouflage themselves in social life are turned into targets and are deprived of all their fundamental rights.

The Republic of Turkey, which defines itself as a social state, usurps our right to life, housing, education, health, and movement, forcing us to live in oppression that has not been seen before.

We, the children of the rainbow, shout out once again:

We are the owners of these lands and the guarantors of a bright future!

We will continue to fight for an equal, free, and democratic world.

We bow with respect to the memory of our friends massacred in Orlando and promise a world without homophobia and transphobia!

Don’t forget Orlando, don’t let anyone forget!

Despite hate, hooray life!

Hate crimes are political!

Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association


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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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