Hijras 6 Pack Band Viral Video Hum Hain Happy

Hum Hain Happy
6 pack band Hum Hain Happy

Hum Hain Happy

Viewed over a half million times the first day released 6 Pack Band’s new video Hum Hain Happy  is single-handedly defeating sorrow worldwide!

This groups sensational song could very well be the transgender communities 2016 theme song much like Against Me’s Transgender dysphoria Blues was in 2012 with one critical difference.

Roughly translated the song’s title “We (are) Happy” is a credo, a promise and way of life made by arguably the most discriminated against minority in the world. It’s s conscious decision by the Hijras to be happy, and to spread their joy in a way which touches everyone regardless of who you are.

Published on Jan 6, 2016
Y-Films launches India’s first transgender band, the Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band. Check out their debut single, 2016’s happiest song, ‘Hum Hain Happy’. Watch, like, share and aao bajao taali!

The 6 Pack Band comprises six transgender singers hailing from India’s ‘Hijra’ community. It’s an initiative created and driven by Y-Films, the youth wing of Yash Raj Films, to help further the cause of gender equality in India. Brooke Bond Red Label has always been about brewing togetherness. True to this spirit, the Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band celebrates togetherness by depicting a more welcoming world.

Coming Soon: In an exclusive collaboration with the band, India’s most loved singer, Sonu Nigam, will release a brand new single, ‘Rab De Bande’. Watch out for it  on January 26, 2016. Subscribe to the channel to see it first!

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