500,000 raised by RFRA supporters for Memories Pizza which closed citing threats


Jess Dooly has reportdly been suspended from her teaching job and is being investigated by police for posting this threatening tweet.
March 31st The owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton Indiana said they were happy they don’t have to cater to LGBT or people  now that  RFRA is law.
Crystal O’Connor told ABC 57 hypothetically if a gay couple stepped into their business they wouldn’t deny them service, but said that they wouldn’t cater their marriage.

Her father agreed and said he chose to be heterosexual and questions why people who chose to be homosexual should beat him over the head.

ABC57 News – See the Difference Michiana

The RFRA does not improve the civil liberties of LGBT people in Indiana as incorrectly indicated in an earlier Planet Transgender post. However, it doesn’t take rights away either, as amended.

Crystal O’Connor told The Blaze they closed at least temporarily and have gone into hiding behind locked doors. In response, RFRA advocates have raised over $500,000 dollars on Go Fund Me to help the O’Conner family.

Think progress reports that the RFRA does not authorize businesses “to refuse to offer or provide services, facilities, use of public accommodation, goods, employment, or housing to any member or members of the general public” on the basis of a list of protected traits that includes “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Another provision provides that the state’s RFRA law does not “establish a defense to a civil action or criminal prosecution” brought against someone who engages in such discrimination. This language appears broad enough to permit local ordinances protecting gay and trans rights to function against business owners with religious objections to LGBT people. It also would enable a similar state law to function, were the Indiana legislature to pass such a law in the future.

Some think a pizza reception party is a great idea.

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