5 Brands That Really Embrace The Transgender Community

5 brands

Marsha P Johnson and Silvia Rivera sparked a gender revolution branding the Stonewall riot with unique styles and fashion.

Clothing and daily-life accessories have always been a vital reflection of our people’s personality and inner expression. The statement just made above is even more applicable in the fashion conscious era of the modernized twenty-first-century world. So, just like the marginalized groups, the transgender community experiences the little hurdles and confusions of its own kind when it comes to fitting into the right pieces of clothes and accessories.  The highly fashion conscious and definitely brand conscious bunch of intellectuals can be highly particular and precise about what exactly they are going to slip into. The sheer rise in the transgender activism motivated the existing clothing and accessory brands to break-free from their typical product themes and trends. Demonstrated below are some of the popular brands that really suit and more importantly embrace the transgender community.


Calvin Klein

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A brand that stands out from many and is worthy of mention in this scenario is the Calvin Klein. The perfume called CK2 was fascinating fragrance introduced by the company. The most significant and unique part about it is that is absolutely gender-free.’ It is a fragrance that simply holds no barrier of genders and emits a highly captivating aroma. Not only the particular fragrance, but many other products from the brand Calvin Klein has been darlings to the LGBT fashion world. This is mainly because the brand is one of the few groups who uphold the ideas and themes related to originality, independence and offbeat through their products. The products are one of their kinds far from most mainstream and repetitive trends available in the market.

Queer Supply

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Queer Supply is yet again another admirable brand that the LGBT community dedicatedly looks up to. The Queer Supply is an intersection where to communities meets that is the artist group and the LGBT group, who together represents the ‘multifaceted identities ‘of the world. The company sells products like trendy T-shirts, out of the box tank tops, smart sweatshirts, that have the handmade designs made by Toronto-based artist groups. Needless to say, that the transsexual group treasures a knack for artistry, brilliance, and creativity. Hence, the Queer Supply. That represents all in a package, has become a significant force of the group within no time.


FLAVNT was founded by Founded by identical twins Chris and Courtney both belonged to the Trans community. The company started small with an objective to manufacture unique clothes and support the LGBT community in a full-fledged way. The brand showcases models only belonging to the Trans community to advertise their newly launched products. They come up with products like cool colored inner wears, Athleisure wears and more.

Chrysalis Lingerie

Chrysalis is a renowned lingerie brand that offers a dynamic range of two pieces and trendy looking comfortable lingerie. The products are exclusively manufactured for transgender females. Nearly all women, irrespective of any community experiences challenge when it comes to understanding their bodily needs and settling for the right undergarment. With years of experience in undergarment designing and manufacturing, the particular brand presents Trans women with extraordinary inners that have excellent finishing, hidden pockets, zip pockets and silicone cups. They are pocket-friendly and easy to wear.


The Kirrin Finch

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Last but not the least; the Kirrin Finch is one of the brands that are absolutely admired by the transsexual community. The brand offers several types of clothing that reflects a classy look from all its ends. The products of the particular brand eliminate the stereotypical norms and rules attached to men’s wear. It is often said that anything you can carry with conviction becomes your signature style. The saying makes a lot of sense if you take a magnified look into the cuts, styles, and designs of the Kirrin Finch. Other than that, the Crimsoune club brand is another praiseworthy name that deserves a mention here. The Trans group have been brushing their choices and preferences on the particular brand as well.

As said and done, these were some of the unique brands that have made fashion a much accessible and easier lifestyle for the transgender group. The transgender community is one of the largest groups of shoppers who are mostly the first to explore when there is a new launch in the market. The group is quite open-minded about all kind of trends and believe in simply enjoying the newly found recognition. Nowadays, there is no dearth of innovative as well as offbeat or unconventional trends in the current market.

The above-mentioned brands, as well as other brands, are constantly coming up with favorable and suitable trends that are closely aligned with the unique tastes and preferences of the Trans customers. The companies are contributing much more effort on the design and comfort criterions of their products to win over Trans customers. The eccentric, distinctive and special choices of the Trans group have truly imposed a healthy competitive ground for even the most well-known brands of the present era.




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