Transgender college student Deejea Smith attacked twice in two weeks

Deejaa smith

Deejaa smith

De Anza College student Deejea Smith is speaking out after being attacked for the second time in two weeks on the Cupertino campus. The student is transgender and police are calling the incident a hate crime.

Deejea Smith described coming face to face with an attacker in the Flint Center Garage. Smith recalled, “The second I hit the top stair he had come down and was just facing me.” Smith said, “I had zero chance to protect myself.”

“The second he saw me he screamed ‘faggot’ and just punched me in the face and I was knocked out cold,” said Smith. He went straight to police after waking-up on the steps of the garage.

“Because what was said we are considering this a hate crime,” said Chief Ronald Levine, Foothill-De Anza College District Police.

Numerous petitions have been filed asking that security cameras be installed but Chief of Campus Police Ron Levine said say it would be too expensive.

The week previous to that Smith says he was hit from behind in the same garage. He didn’t see the attacker in that incident, but filed a report with a campus adviser. After the second incident he told police of the first attack.

Smith says he keeps a low profile on campus and can’t think of any activity that would make him a target. “I come to school. I do my work and I keep my head level,” said Smith.

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