1990 Calgary pride marchers risked all, 2015 the Trans flag flew at city hall!

Calgary trans masks

1990 a hundred brave souls attended an event in a park in Calgary. Many wore masks to protect their identity.

Twenty-five years ago at the first Calgary pride, many celebrants wore lone ranger masks, some paper bags to hide their identities. Swat teams took up positions on rooftops keeping a watch while haters with pit bulls threatened and spit on the marchers. But all of this just made our people more enthusiastic about coming out the following year. And come out we did by the tens of thousands.

Calgary trans dyke march

2105 was number five for the inclusive  Dyke Trans March.

“It’s pretty huge,” said Angela Reid, board member with the Trans Equality Society of Alberta (TESA).

“It’s a great step to see the amount of support the trans community is getting in Alberta especially in recent years.

“We had gender identity and gender expression recently added to the Alberta Bill of Rights, which was a huge step.

“We’re still looking to get it added to the Alberta Human Rights Act,”

Calgary pride

The blue, pink, and white flag flew from sunrise to sunset Saturday, the same day of the Calgary Dyke and Trans March.

It’s also the first formal raising of the flag at a government building in Alberta.

CBC video from 1990……….

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