16 year old trans teen Ash Haffner kills himself. Mother Calls HIM a girl.

When will they learn?


Ash Haffner’s mother only has to listen to herself to understand why her son killed himself.

Update. April Quick, Ash’s mother has asked that I make edits to this post as she considers it slanderous. Ms. Quick says that Ash hadn’t decided on a gender pronoun.

I have posted April Quick’s letter, Ash’s suicide letter here with links to her facebook pag

Ash Haffner, a transgender boy, committed suicide last week by stepping in front of an oncoming vehicle. He couldn’t stand the bullying anymore after transitioning. The cornerstone to acceptance for a transgender person is addressing us with the correct pronouns. None of the families who have lost trans children his year have done that.

Video trigger warning. Misgendering. Ignorance.

FOUR US teenage transgender youth have committed suicide in the first 8 weeks of 2015. None of the family’s accepted or understood their children’s gender expression.

Leelah Alcorn, Zander Mahaffey Melonie Rose and now Ash. All were misgendered by their families.

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