16 Year old Brazilian trans girl murdered


16 Year old Brazilian trans girl murderedIn the early hours of Sunday (20) a body was found in the backyard of the Machado Victoria Regia supermarket at Blairo Maggi Av. It was the lifeless body of M.M.C. 16, which was confirmed by her mother at the police station.

The body was laying on the ground in a vacant lot behind a shed. The teen was killed by blows to her head. The motivation for the crime is still unknown.

According to sources, the victim was transgender and apparently went to a disco near where her body was found.

The police was notified around 7 am in the morning, the Fire Department went to the site but the victim was without vital signs. Medical responders found that the young woman suffered a blow to the head and died. She was wearing a wig, women’s clothing,and a rose and a cell phone was found near her body.

Police believe that the cell phone can help find clues that lead to the perpetrator and his motivation.

The mother, who declined to be identified, said she tried unsuccessfully to contact her daughter but got no answer.

A friend who was with the teen is being sought to help clarify the case, as the victim and his friend had gone out together.

Source: soinformacao.com.

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