15 more Brazilian Transgender Murders, Suicides and death by Pumping



These are the latest known deaths of transgender people in Brazil, the majority of them being murders.

I read a Facebook post by a transadvocate who was visiting Brazil shortly after August 8th, and was mortified after learning about the three murders that had just taken place in surrounding cities.  She seemed relieved that the conference she was attending was to be held in the ‘countryside’. I wonder how safe she would have felt had she known that there is no safe haven in Brazil, not in the countryside, not in the city or police stations.

That is why we publish these ghastly murders in all the graphic detail exactly how the rest of the world sees them. You as an individual you can help too. Share these articles on social media and join with the thousand of world citizens who have signed our petition demanding that Brazil Stop The Slaughter of Trans People.

Meanwhile the slaughter continues unabated.

Flávia F.A.das Neves / photo gygy Alagoas

A transwoman was murdered January 12th 2016 but we are only now learning of it.

Flávia F.A.das Neves, apparently was found stabbed in a home in Barra de Santo António, where she was working, but others say she was shot.

She apparently suffered from mental disorders and was also known as the woman in red as she always wore a red dress, and was loved by everyone.

So far as we know at this time the case remains under investigation.

Source: blogdogygy.blogspot


L. Liima / Photo Mundo Amazonia.com

L. Liima, a trans man, was found hanged inside his house in Manaus. According to information from the Legal Medical Institute, Lima may have hanged himself August 27th but but his body wasn’t found in the morning of Monday August 1st 2016.

Mundo Amazonia.com repoted that news of his death caught everyone by surprise, especially because it was a suicide. According to friends who saw him last, Lima seemed to be fine, with no apparent depression.

The authorities have refused to release information gleaned from a hurried autopsy raising suspisions of offical foul play according to Conexao jornalismo.com

The official version of suicide for suspicious deaths was not the first in Manaus this year.According to The Portal Updated , two young men were found dead in similar situations and the police version followed the same path. One of the victims was Brenno Cross.He was found dead in his room – a situation similar to Larissa. The official report of the IML pointed out that Brenno had committed suicide – something that has been questioned by friends and family.


Adriane Bonek / photo noticiasdesaopedrodaaldeia.com

The transwoman found dead in São Pedro da Aldeia and reported in our publication on Aug 7th, 2016 has been identified. According to Victor Jotha (chairman of the ngo ALDEIA DIVERSIDADE – LGBT – SÃO PEDRO DA ALDEIA, IGUABA GRANDE E ARARUAMA), the victim was identified as Adriane Bonek, 43, and was identified in the LMI by her parents.

The chairman thanks authorities for their help, and stated that they will help in the police investigations and are giving assistance to her family.

Source : Article dated Aug 1, 2017 noticiasdesaopedrodaaldeia.com./

Article dated Aug 3 2016 noticiasdesaopedrodaaldeia.com

Three transgender murders to report on from Monday Aug. 8th 2016

The body of a trans woman was found in the morning of Monday 8th in a vacant lot of São João Av., east zone of Londrina.

Photo / PARANÁ

According to Fabio Mira, from the criminal institute, the body was buried vertically, naked, inside a black bag, and was found by a worker who was making a ramp for a bobcat machine.

The unidentified transwoman had two lesions on the neck, apparently made by a knife. According to experts, the body was buried for at least eight days.

The LMI of Londrina will try to identify the cause of death and the identity of the victim.

Source: massanews.com

Still in the morning of Monday 8th, the body of a transwoman was found at the entrance of a farm near MT-325 (a road) by the Military Police, in the Castanheira region, in Alta Floresta, 803km north of Cuiabá.

Tiffany L.Rodrigues Alves / Photo g1.globo.com

According to Police, Tiffany L.Rodrigues Alves, 23, was asphyxiated. Her body was recognized by a relative on the scene. Police isolated the spot and collected evidences to determine how she was murdered although her body presented signs of hanging, burns on her body and a wound on her head.

Police is investigating but still have no suspects, but they know she suffered a homicide attempt on January 3rd, when she was shot in her mouth, was taken to a hospital and underwent a surgical procedure. It is not known if the two cases are connected. An iron bar was found near her body.

Source: http://g1.globo.com


Thierry Oliveira aka Joyce, was stabbed in the early hours of Monday 8th in the city of Maringá, Paraná state. According to Massa News journal, Thierry was stabbed in the belly region, and her entrails were in sight, due to the depth of the stab. Elements from the fire department still tried to help, but she died in the ambulance.

Thierry has been living in Maringá for three months, according to her mother. Police believes that she was wounded during an attempt robbery and is investigating.

Friends on her FB profile mourned her death.  “How sad to wake up and receive this kind of news. Always cheerful, fun, left good memories, you will be missed”, pours out one of them.



On the afternoon of Tuesday 9th, in the Teresina’s Emergency Hospital, Taciane Pires, a young trans woman, died from complications of industrial silicone on her body. Gilberto Albuquerque, the hospital’s director, stated that she arrived with a severe generalized infection..

Taciane Pires / Photo cidadeverde.com

“She arrive 10 days ago and 2 days ago she went to the Unidade de Terapia Intensiva (UTI – Intensive Care Unit) due to the infection. She made applications of industrial silicone in all her body, limbs, arms, legs and even the buttocks. This is very dangerous and the worst of all is that there is no way to remove it after it is applied”, he stated.

“We have had several cases, and in some we were able to avoid death, either through amputation or removing some muscle segments. She applied the silicone using a syringe and no hygienic procedures.The quantity of silicone was so huge that you would have to amputate her four members and the gluteal region, ie, it was not feasible”.he added.

Taciane, who was transgender, applied the silicone to have a more beautiful body. Friends mourned her death and left farewell messages on her profile. Other posts refer that a few weeks ago she said she was still looking for a more feminine look. A friend stated that she said she would never applied silicone again, since she had already applied once without complications.

She was buried on Wednesday 10th in Santa Cruz cemetery, Promorar neighbourhood, south zone.

In a similar case, Flavia Morais, also known as Flavia Montalban, died on September 14, 2015, in Teresina, also due to complications after application of industrial silicone. Flavia suffered from the migration of the material to other parts of the body and developed severe infection after the placement of the material.

The practice of placing industrial silicone is common due to its low cost. However it presents serious risks. The application is quite painful and always done clandestinely, because the material is not intended for aesthetic purposes. Industrial silicone is used for works such as waterproofing tile and lubricating machinery and vehicle engines.



Friday 12th, night in Poço Verde city, Paty Lobo aka Everaldinho, a trans woman, is fatally shot on Santo Antônio street. Informations are very sparse, but it is known that she had previously been detained by police several times. Local police forces are investigating.




A detained trans woman was murdered after entering a fight with a cell mate in the homosexuals wing of Vespasiano prison facility, in Belo Horizonte, monday night.August 25th.

According to the Social Defence State Secretariat (Secretaria de Estado de Defesa Social – Seds) her name was J.W.de M.F. (her chosen name is not disclosed and I refuse to post birth names unless no other option remains). “According to preliminary investigations, the detainee Paulo H.da S. Nascimento, who shared the cell with the victim, claimed responsibility for the crime. He strangled the victim with a blow called “Lion-killer”.Seds stated on a note.

The police is leading the investigations and the prison started an internal procedure.

Source: br/app/noticia


In the early hours of Friday 19th, in the municipality of Castanhal, northwest region of the state of Pará, Brenda, a trans woman was found dead around 4h30 am with several knife wounds on her body, on a catwalk over BR-316 (a highway), in the center of the city. Her age and the number of stab wounds were not disclosed by the LMI.

According to a witness, Brenda was a sex worker. Another trans woman told police that she saw 2 men approaching Brenda and after a brief talk left with her. They went to a catwalk and then the witness only heard the victim screaming. The 2 men fled the scene through Cosanpa street.

Beto Paes, from the Free Orientation Protection of the Secretary of State for Justice and Human Rights, said they will accompany the case together with the police discriminatory crimes section.

He told that this year, crimes against homosexuals add up to 37, stating that the major difficulty they face, together with elements from the LGBT movement, is the lack of awareness from society.




Friday 26th, minutes after passing through a street, on the Industrial City of Curitiba (CIC), where she saw a dead man, a trans woman, 40, was run over by a car and died as a result of the injuries..

According to Military Police, Jaqueline, the victim, who was a sex worker and usually worked in the area, didn’t see the car, a Chevrolet Celta or a Corsa (the same new has the 2 car brands), approaching. The driver stopped to try to assist. Emergency health units were at the scene but there was nothing that could be done. Jaqueline lived in the Sabará region.

The accident happened around 1 am in the Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira av., when she was trying to cross the road. Upon impact, her head hit the windshield before falling to the ground.

According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the driver passed the breathalyzer test equipment and pointed out that he was not drunk. The man, who was in the car with his wife, was desperate with the accident. The woman was also very nervous, but neither were injured.

Less than an hour before the accident, Jaqueline crossed Cornélio Procópio street, where Alessandro de Jesus Batista was murdered with about 10 shots.

At the scene, frightened, Jaqueline asked what happened to the man and after being informed started walking away. Before leaving the crime scene, impressed, she would have commented that she did not like to see that, and he felt bad about the scene. She was run over about four blocks from the murder site.

Source: tribunapr.com

Thursday, August 25th, shots were fired on 28th street (or 146th street as reported later on the same original new), Bairro Pedra 90 neighbourhood, in the city of Cuiabá. According to police, Erika W.R.Pinto de Arruda, 30, a trans woman, was hit by 6 shots and died on the sofa of her house. No suspects were arrested so far.

Erika W.R.Pinto de Arruda /Photo homofobiamata.wordpress.com

According to police deputy André Renato Gonçalves, the murder occurred due to a debt of R$ 20 (about $6 USD) to drug dealers.

Apparently Erika was sitting in her sofa when someone arrived and shot her. hitting her on the neck and groin. A team from the Emergency Mobile Unit declared her dead.

Her mother stated she had been involved with drugs, stating “Must be a drug debt, or something he bought from someone, [or] a fight with someone”, to Centro América TV. A witness testified to Cuiabá police.

“The person [who fired] went there to get the money of a drug debt. As the victim did not have the money at that time, the suspect began shooting. There were at least five to six shots” stated deputy André Renato.

Police has already identified the shooter, but at this time no one was arrested yet. “We already have the name of the mastermind of the crime and also the information of who the performer was, along with the witness and other people who were at the scene” added the deputy.



Monday  afternoon of August 29th, Bruniele, a trans woman, was shot to death by a man, on Marechal Teodoro street, in the feira de Santana market, about 100km from Salvador city.

Photo bomdiafeira.com
Photo bomdiafeira.com

Bruniele was being hunted by a couple, running amidst the fruit stalls, but was reached. The man then fired several shots to her head, then fleeing the scene in a car, with a woman. Bruniele died near a fruit stall, where she fell.

Police is still searching for the identity of the suspects and the motive for the crime, and her body went to the police forensics.

Source: g1.globo.com






Saturday, September 3rd, The body of Hilda A.J.da Silva, 46, a hairdresser trans woman, was found strangled in the city of Aliança.


The crime was recorded on Saturday morning by the Military Police. The victim was found naked and facing down on her bed, lifeless. The perpetrator would have used an electrical wire to commit the crime.

Police believes it was a passionate crime, as the victim was transgender, and may have been committed by the victim’s partner.

The victim’s body was taken to the IML in Recife. The case is under investigation by police.

Source: giro.matanorte.com


Sunday, night of September 4th, Taina W.P.Alencar, 22,, a transwoman, was murdered on Cabo Verde Street, Vila Nova neighbourhood, in central Londrina.

The victim suffered a blow to the neck and lost a lot of blood. A medical team from Samu was called, but Taina died in the ambulance.

According to witnesses, Taina was seen talking to a man in a silver Honda Biz. Later, she appeared in a bar bloodied and beaten asking for help. She had been stabbed, apparently on her neck.

The body was taken to the Legal Medical Institute  and police is investigating.

Source: massanews.com

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