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11 Year Old Girl Told She Is Gay And Will Burn In Hell By School Bus Driver


A bus driver in Missouri has been fired from her job at First Student following allegations of ill treatment towards an 11 year old girl.

Maurissa Rushing says that the school bus driver saw her and her friend playing a game together on the bus that involved the two of them chasing their fingers across each others arms. Once the driver had let the other students off the bus she forced Maurissa and her friend to stay behind.

Apparently, at this point she told the girls that they were touching each other too much and that it meant they were gay. Yep, two elven year old girls touching each other means that they’re gay.

In a tearful video that you can see here Maurissa told Fox News that ‘The bus driver, she took us to the back of the bus. We sat down. She said we are going to burn in hell real bad. I didn’t expect it to happen. She was talking really bad to me and I didn’t like that. She hurt my feelings very bad. She’s the worst bus driver I’ve ever had.’

The company that employed the driver ended her employment with them the moment that they were informed of the incident, but Maurissa’s parents feel that this action is not enough.

Her mother Patricia says ‘She was left all day by herself dealing with it. How do you deal with that when you’re 11? She’s been through so much, she did not deserve to be put in that situation. It’s not fair.’

The school, Pathway Academy, claims that it is not their responsibility to inform parents of incidents that occur on the bus, but falls to the bus company to do so, and as such her parents were not made aware of the incident until Maurissa herself told them about it.

Maurissa’s parents are currently exploring legal action and have stated an intention to sue the driver for her actions.



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