“Aap Log Nahi Aa Sakte” Transphobia at Goa Casinos

 Goa Casinos
Recently I was in Goa, one of India’s top tourist destinations and went to a Casino, where first I was harassed by security, who eventually allowed me in but only after further after questions and harassment.  But when I tried to enter I was simply refused by a person near reception who said “Aap Log Nahi Aa Sakte” [You people cannot enter here] (Casino Paradise equality statement),
Pledge for commitment towards safe & honorable tourism & sustainable tourism
“I/We solemnly pledge and reiterate our commitment to conduct our business in a manner that befits the culture and ethos of our rich and ancient civilization, and the tolerant and accommodating nature of our multicultural society and protects all individuals, especially women and children from all derogatory acts witch are contrary to the spirit of country. We hereby commit to abide by the Code of Conduct for safe and Honorable tourism.”
I couldn’t muster an argument as I felt too bad from the reception, but suddenly the pretty girl over at reception asked me to stop by saying 1-minute M’am, as she made a convincing argument in my favor with their management staff, but all in vain.
I was feeling too upset I decided to go in another casino at Hotel Marriott which is known as Carnival Casino, where I had a warm smiling welcome by Hotel Security staff, but when I went up by stairs to the first floor of the Casino, I was greeted by receptionist, with “Sorry M’am you are not allowed inside casino“. When I asked her why she replied it’s the Management’s order. 

Casino Carnival Mission Statement:

Casino Carnival, Goa is dedicated to quality, customer value and high standards of efficiency. It is our intention that Casino Carnival be recognized as the premier Casino Entertainment Venue within Goa, India. Casino Carnival will always be sensitive to the needs and requirements of our customers and the community and will always maintain its commitment to social responsibilities and the environment.

Planet Trans attempt to contact Casino Carnival customer service was unsuccessful due to a malfunction on their contact form.
Casino Paradise has not yet responded to an email.
Nirvair Kaur
Advocacy Officer, Author at |

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