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Transgender and Gay Ordinance in Kalamazoo under Attack

Kalamazoo’s new Gay and Transgender city ordinances are being challenged and the Kalamazoo Alliance says your Help is Needed to Keep the new Equal Rights Ordinance in Kalamazoo. “Join us at City Hall on Monday, January 12 at 6pm for the City Commission Meeting on the second floor of City Hall.” Kalamazoo news ” The […]

Dallas DOMA Protest January 2009

There were aprox. 35 protesters attending the rally on the square at 509 Main St. to bring attention to the incoming Obama administration of the inequities being suffered by the GLBT community under DOMA.We did however attract group of hate mongers who after being escorted across the street by the police proceeded to yell hate […]

Gainesville Fl : Misleading Anti Transgender Ad Exposed

A Florida based Hate Group has unleashed a propaganda campaign insinuating that if Gainesville Fl transgender protective laws are allowed to stand men will follow your childern into bathrooms. According to Fox News Gainesville City Commissioner Crag Lowe, the leader of a group called Equality is Gainesville’s Business, has called the ads from Davis’ group […]

Queers United: Dr. Phil Playing Into Transphobia Once Again!

Queers United: Dr. Phil Playing Into Transphobia Once Again!

MassEquality Trans Focused in 20+09

Bay Windows : “MassEquality, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), and their coalition partners have made passage of the trans rights bill – which would add protections based on gender identity and expression to the state’s non-discrimination and hate crimes laws – their top priority this session….” Marc Solomon, executive director of MassEquality, said the […]

US Ad Campaign Teaches Students to be Word-Wise about Sexual Orientation

Voice of America news:US Ad Campaign Teaches Students to be Word-Wise about Sexual OrientationA recent survey of more than 6,000 middle and high school students in the United States found that a majority of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students surveyed said they experienced harassment at school in the past year. Often, harassment comes in […]

Thomas Hammarberg Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights: Trans discrimination must no longer be tolerated

pinknews.co.uk: Thomas Hammarberg is the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights released this comment on trans rights on his website yesterday. “Discrimination against transgender persons must no longer be tolerated” “My discussions with non-governmental organisations defending the rights of transgender persons indicate that a number of such hate crimes go unreported – even in […]

Connecticut To Consider Transgender Anti-Discrimination Proposal

Hartford Courant, CT, USA Connecticut To Consider Transgender Anti-Discrimination Transgender activists believe this is the year they will gain equal protection under the state’s anti-discrimination laws. “We feel good,” said Jerimarie Liesegang, who leads the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition. “We’ve done the groundwork, we’ve done the education and we know we have the votes.” A proposal, […]

Queers United: Keep Up Pressure on APA Over the Gender Identity Task Force

Queers United: Keep Up Pressure on APA Over the Gender Identity Task Force

Jon Stuart asks Gov. Mike Huckabee “Why gay people?”

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c Mike Huckabee Pt. 2 Barack Obama InterviewJohn McCain Interview Sarah Palin VideoFunny Election Video From Courage Campaign “Usually, discussions of political issues wind down after elections, but Prop 8 is not about politics. It is about love, equality and civil rights. We all need […]