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Russian Murdered Reporter’s Co Writers : We can not fear “But you just have to write, write, write and keep writing. You have to.”

Source Yahoo News article By Mike Eckel, Associated Press Writer In Russian Novaya Gazeta., English Version of Novaya Gazeta “We are not afraid” “The killers have no fear because they know they will not be punished. But neither are their victims afraid, because when you defend others you cease to fear.” Russia’s sole surviving investigative […]

Gay Hate and Bigotry towards transgender people on”Queer Cincinnati”

“Queer Cincinnati” exposed it’s bigotry in parroting a CNN article in which hyped and commercialized stereotypical gender diversity ignorance. I will offer this CNN reporter one free pass. I will assume she was thrilled to have a news assignment as potentially controversial as this and that she is a straight woman, ignorant of gender diversity, […]

Amnesty International : Gaza War Crimes and violations of international law

Amnesty International researchers’ found evidence of war crimes and serious violations of international law. Hours before Israel announced a ceasefire, an Amnesty International fact finding mission gained access to Gaza. Their initial reports are disturbing: the team found first hand evidence of war crimes, serious violations of international law and possible crimes against humanity by […]

Open Letter to Focus on the Family, AFA and Dallas Voice’s Official Weblog “Instant Tea”

“Instant Tea” dallasvoice.com/instant-tea, the “Official blog of the Dallas Voice” a weekly paper which describes it’s self correctly as the “Voice of the Dallas Gay and Lesbians” has with out remorse willfully and with malintent ignored the straight, gay, lesbian and Transgender people who have written “Instant Tea” and attemped to explain why the word […]

DVTV Movie Producer Promotes newest movie “TICKED-OFF TRANNIES WITH KNIVES”

Israel Luna who produces videos for the Dallas Voice on DVTV, is promoting his new movie “TICKED-OFF TRANNIES WITH KNIVES” on the same Dallas Voice Instant Teas article that reported on the Queer communities objection to the nondiscriminatory usage of “Tranny” by the Dallas Voice and the Dallas Voice’s Blog “Instant Tea.” Luna in referencing […]

City shrouds anti-bias ordinance in secrecy

By John Wright, Dallas VoiceMay 22, 2008 “6 years after LGBT activists succeeded in getting an ordinance passed, no one knows if it works or not.” “In the nearly six years since they were ultimately successful, the city hasn’t prosecuted a single case of job discrimination under what is known as HR Ordinance 46”. “As […]

Homeless Transgender in New York Ciry

Source Topix

Nowhere to go: To Be Homeless & Transgender in Dallas Texas

Press ReleaseFor Immediate Release Kelli Busey214-226-7080kellibusey@yahoo.comDallas Transgender Advocates and Allieshttp://dallastaa.ning.com/ Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies (DTAA) and the City of Dallas TX working together to make “The Bridge” homeless shelter transgender accepting. Dallas Texas. Dallas TX enacted Ordinances in 2002 prohibiting discrimination in housing and the workplace based on gender identity and sexual orientation. It […]

Chicago: ACLU sues on transgender birth certificate

Source Radical Queer News; Chicago: ACLU sues on transgender birth certificate CHICAGO, Jan. 27 (UPI) — The American Civil Liberties Union says it will sue Illinois for refusing to issue a new birth certificate to a citizen who underwent a sex-change operation. Attorneys announced the lawsuit in Chicago Tuesday, saying the state Department of Vital […]

Supreme Court: law bars sex harassment retaliation

Supreme Court: law bars sex harassment retaliation (Reuters). WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An employee is protected from being fired in retaliation for answering questions during an employer’s investigation of suspected sexual harassment, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday. The unanimous court ruled the federal civil rights law’s anti-retaliation provision for employees who report workplace sex or […]