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Chris Buttars Should Resign

Utah Congressman Chris Buttars attempted to divert criticism of his latest inflammatory racial, transphobic and homophobic tirade by claiming the documentary producer had mislead him about the interview. The Documentary producers responded that Buttars Lies.

transACTION Welcoming Transgender People to Faith

Press Release New transgender education resource for churches from the Institute for Welcoming Resources February 13, 2009 MEDIA CONTACT:Pedro Julio SerranoCommunications Coordinator(Office) 646.358.1479(Cell) 787.602.5954pserrano@theTaskForce.org WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 — The Institute for Welcoming Resources (IWR), a program of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, today announced the release of transACTION, a new curriculum designed for […]

Innocences in the Crossfire Utah Senator ”Chris Buttars Kills them All”

Chris Buttars “Kill Them All” full audio at NG Blog. Human rights activist worldwide are incensed by Utah Senator Chris Buttars latest tirade extolling from his Senate position his racist transphobic and homophobic victories. Buttars rejoiced in recounting “killing em all” in referring to the “black underbelly Gay and Transgender” human rights legislation in Utah. […]

Naked Teenage Breasts on Law and Order SUV

The story line. Man found beaten unconscious outside a shady strip club. Detectives discover a press on nail close by. The only logical reason for it’s being there was a sleazy low life whore lost it while committing or witnessing so they immediately began investigating the clubs dancers, after all who else could that press […]

Equality is Gainesville’s Business “The Clock is Ticking”

Equality is Gainesville’s Business has sent an urgent request for people power to help inform and educate voters on the harmful effects of the proposed amendment to Gainesville human rights. A march and phone banking are planned. From Equality is Gainesville’s Business; This Saturday we have more canvassing that must be done if we’re going […]

Trial dates have been set for the murder of Angie Zapata.

Trial dates have been set for the murder of Angie Zapata. The eight day trial begins on April 14, 2008 and takes place in Courtroom 11 of the Weld County Courts at 901 9th Ave in Greeley. We would like to provide as much community support to her family and friends as possible by packing […]

Does That Come With Green Stamps?

I was filling up at a Tetco Gas station in Las Colonis TX

Transgender Churches in Dallas Texas

Where are there transgender Churches in Dallas? Last Updated 12/o7/2oo9 I have become aware that many people who visit planetransgender who are on a spiritual journey. The inquiry, “Where are there transgender Churches in the Dallas Fort Worth Area (DFW)”. I will answer with questions and answers! First remember Gay Friendly Churches in Dallas Texas […]

Queers United: Support the Repeal of Discriminatory Regulations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Queers United: Support the Repeal of Discriminatory Regulations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Queers United because of their moral ambiguity, misdemeanors codes and other similar regulations are often used by the police in many parts of Latin America to persecute, abuse and arrest people whose sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression deviates from social norms.Follow […]

Transgender pilgrimage to Trinidad the Marci Bowers Saga Continues

Marci Bowers life and it’s positive impact on a small western Colorado town has softly influenced residents perception of transgender people. Found high above the plains, Trinidad’s tight knit community might have been perceived by most people as inaccessible physically if not also socially. Many local residents now would offer a different opinion. At one […]