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Petrelis Files

Petrelis Files

Episcopal Priest Beaten While Protecting Homeless Transgender Youth revisited

Queens Residents Speak Out Against Violence On Transgender Youth NYC Transgender Shelter Says Director AttackedFather Braxton in a telephone interview shortly after this incident, told me that his site was unable to accept donations because of a technical problem. I promised Reverend Braxton I would return and try to help. Here we are.Please make a […]

Bishop V. Gene Robinson’s Passionate Appeal for Advocacy

This appeal for justice to commit to what we know is right and to willingly accept the consequences of standing up to powerful forces of evil was the inspiration I needed when I decided to include my faith in gender advocacy.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

In our world of LGBT rainbows we are blessed with a wonderful variety of colors, like Skittles showering our lives. I was at a baseball game with my youth group enjoying one of these beautiful crazy happy, sad moments. “How are you?” I asked as the young man sat down beside me. I had noticed […]


HEADLINE NEWS: SAN FRANSICO CALIFORNIA GAY LESBIAN BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY REJECTS HRC’S GENDER EXPRESION EXCLUSSIONARY POLICY. San Francisco CalifoniaThe city by the bay has once again lead by example and is the consciousness and eyes of the American GLBT people in rejecting Joe Solmonese and HRC’s unrepentant gender exclusionary policy. If you would like […]

US Military Don’t ask Don’t Gay

By Kelli Busey July 02, 2008 planetransgender A CBS special titled “Military Soft On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? 60 Minutes: Is Military More Tolerant Of Gay Members In Wartime?” I am sure that the title of this series could easily lead people to beleave it’s content would pander to the homophobic agenda. Instead it presents […]

Reconciling Ministries New Blog Proactive Radical Inclusion

By Kelli BuseyJuly 1, 2008 The Reconciling Ministries Network is launching a new blog in accordance to it’s mission of bringing ALL of God’s children home. In following the teachings of our lord, this vision of radical inclusion has been shaped into action by Antony Hebblethwaite and the staff of of the RMN. Among the […]

Queers United: Solidarity With the Intersex Community

Queers United: Solidarity With the Intersex Community

It’s a Dick move

By Kelli BuseyJune 29,2008planetransgender I hope wealthy white gay males and lesbian females fully comprehend what 4 more years of the bush legacy would mean to our personal freedoms and liberties. If bush, ahem, I mean McCain is elected you will have to make sure that closet door is pulled tightly behind you and no […]


By Kelli BuseyJune 26, 2008planetransgender The Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee holds first ever hearings on work place discrimination against transgender people. The opening statement by Congressman Robert Andrews(D-NJ) set a precedent not heard by transgender people before. Congressman Andrews stated that he feels bias and discrimination against transgender people to be unfair and […]